Matt Manley Matt Manley

Although my work is digital in the end, it is built upon a foundation of traditional painting and drawing. The larger, usually figurative elements are original oil paintings on either canvas or board; the overlying textures are usually created by hand as well. Sometimes the paintings are coupled with pencil or ink drawings. Photography and direct scans are often used for secondary or supporting imagery, and they rarely dominate my work. This isn’t meant as a criticism of photo-based digital art – it’s just the path my work has taken as it evolved from entirely traditional to partly digital.

Starting in 2007, the company Brush Dance began using my work for their products, starting with the 2007 Poetry of Rumi calendar. I am offering my images on Imagekind because in the past I have had numerous requests from fans of these Rumi products for prints and posters. As a busy illustrator, I have not always had the opportunity to respond quickly to these requests.

For those of you seeing my work for the first time here on Imagekind, feel free to vist my website Poetry of Rumi journals, calendars, magnets and notecards can be ordered here: (and then search “Rumi.”)